A few of my favorite finds

As promised, all this week I’ll be sharing some of my favorite finds with you and the story behind their migration to my home. Some are found, some were free but all were meant to be! 🙂 So my first favorite find is actually two because they are the same type of piece but completely different. I love them both and thought it best to combine into one of my favorites, hopefully you don’t mind.

The picture of the first one is probably a little boring but let me tell you a little bit about it. I was in the process of redoing my laundry room which had absolutely no storage. Zero, nada, nothing! It’s a very small laundry room (I don’t need a big one anyway since I really don’t like doing laundry, Mr. T takes care of that…lucky me!) so I knew I wanted to add shelving and cabinetry but seeing how I can’t just go buy cabinets off the shelf at a big box store (no offense if you do, I have before, I just enjoy the hunt of finding things with a bit of character and age) I was on the look out everywhere I went.

The walls had been painted. Drying rack and hanging rod made. All I needed was a cabinet. I’d been searching for months and was just about to settle for open shelving. Until I found it. It was sitting on the sidewalk amongst the other misfits outside of an antique and home décor shop. It was the perfect size. The perfect shape, a bit distressed, just like I like it. But no price. I hate asking for prices! But I loved the bones of this piece so I hesitantly asked. The cashier joined me curbside and quoted the price. $15! WooHoo, SOLD! I loaded it in my car and could not wait to get it home in order to transform it into a new creation. I added a coat of paint to the inside and out. Glazing it to add a bit more character, added new hardware and viola, she’s a keeper! Not to mention all the storage it offers. Win Win!










The second piece of cabinetry is a bit more refined and of great quality. We were adding a dry bar in our family room and again, needed storage. As I mentioned before, I didn’t want something off the shelf. Low and behold, my mom and I were at a neighborhood garage sale, in the rain, when I spotted it from a mile away. Or, maybe the next driveway down. In my mind, I ran to it’s side to see how deep I’d need to dig to pay the kind fella in order to bring it home. To my astonishment, it had a huge sign on it – $10! I could have fainted. Who would sell such a beautiful piece for $10? I know, some of you are saying, who would buy it for $10. Well, I’m glad people like you exist in the world, bypassing the items I love 🙂 keep on passing them up, I’ll take ’em!

This is a solid maple upper cabinet complete with wine rack and molding. We built the base, added a live edge slab of cedar for the countertop (another great find!) and the rock pillars beside it (all free rock left over from a project my dad used them for, am I lucky or what?!). I gave the base a unique, rustic paint finish and all in all, it turned out amazing!

So, today my favorite find(s) are functional, salvaged pieces that anyone can find and recreate. I hope you take time to look at pieces in a different light and consider turning them into a new creation of your own!

Until next time,

Keep Creating!

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