Antique Door Turned Coat Rack

farmhouse style antique door turned coat rack

This antique door turned coat rack is not only a great accent piece used near my front door but it’s also extremely functional! One of the things I like least about my house is there’s no coat closet upon entering. This tends to be a huge problem, especially when guests stop by. So, to solve the issue, I created this look using an old, antique door to make a vertical coat rack.

farmhouse antique door coat rack

I’ve seen many variations of this look, but most use the door horizontally. I suppose I could have done that too but the style of my door lends itself to be displayed vertically. Plus, the practicality of adding the bench provided another layer of functionality. It allows you to sit and take your shoes off or put them on or just gives an extra place to sit a package or bag down upon entering.

antique door turned coat rack

Of coarse, I couldn’t leave the door without adornment so I added this beautiful antique replica door knob. It’s ivory and black porcelain with an antique brass accent in the center which is the mechanism that attaches the knob to the door. Isn’t it lovely? You can see the distressed areas of this door really well in this photo, just to the bottom right of the knob is a gouge mark that adds such character to this antique door turned coat rack, don’t you think?

antique replica door knob

So the door knob is just for looks but these antique replica coat and hat hooks are pure function. Well, that and they’re really pretty too! I love how the ivory and black tie into the colors in the knob.

antique replica coat and hat hook


To finish off the look, and add even more function, I added these wrought iron hooks which are perfect to hang a handbag, scarf or in our case, dog leash 🙂 The mirror is a nice addition adding even more charm and it allows you to make one last wardrobe check as you’re leaving the house, win win!!

farmhouse style hooks

If you’re like me and need to add similar form and function to an area of your home, I highly recommend adding an antique door turned coat rack like this one. All of the hardware used, including the mirror, were found at Hobby Lobby. I’m not including instructions on this DIY project because it’s pretty self explanatory and every door will be a little different. If you aren’t sure where to find an old door, try your local Habitat For Humanity Re-Store or an architectural salvage store, they are bound to have one that you can’t resist!

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antique farmhouse door turned coat rack

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