Antique Victrola A Favorite

I think this Victrola speaks for itself as to why I consider it a favorite. I mean just look at it!

It’s beyond a gem. It works perfectly and is in excellent condition considering it is nearly a century old – I hope I look that good when I’m 100 years old!

All of the mechanical elements still work, and the sound?  Is mesmerizing!  Mr. T and I have taken time on several occasions to sit back, relax and enjoy its beauty, visually and audibly. To own such a stunning piece, one that takes you back to a by gone day when entertainment was so simple yet so elegant, is special.

This old Victrola isn’t a family heirloom, yet! But I have to believe it will be since it was passed down to us from my wonderful in laws who picked it up on one of their many antique adventures. I’m thankful for many things about them, two being their great taste in antiques and their generosity! What a gift! I’m extremely blessed and cherish both, my in laws and my beloved Victrola 🙂


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