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Hi there! Thanks for joining me for this super easy project where I show you some options in making DIY Christmas Ornaments! These are easy enough to involve the kiddos and elegant enough to give as gifts, win-win right?!

I love making DIY Christmas ornaments, especially hand painted ones; I’ve been doing it for many years sometimes giving them as gifts and other times just to appease the creative bug that occasionally bites me. How many times have you needed a gift for a coworker, a teacher, a school bus driver or just a little something to spruce up the wrapping on a gift? Please tell me I’m not the only one! Well, these ornaments are perfect for just that.

Don’t let the fancy look of these deter you from involving the kids, let them pick out their own paint colors and let them go to town! Better yet, do it with them! Like I always say, keep creating, in this case you’re creating great memories and beautiful artwork you (or a very luck recipient) will cherish for years to come! I have quite a few that my kids painted when they were young’uns that have survived many seasons of packing, shuffling and unpacking so I’m tickled that they’re still in one piece-from personal experience, it’s best to use the clear plastic ornaments if kids are painting them. You don’t want any accidents before the holidays ;0)

I’m anxious to show you how I made these DIY Christmas ornaments, so turn on some Christmas music, throw a batch of sugar cookies in the oven and let’s get started.

First, the materials I used:

I’ve included affiliate links here for your convenience but you could easily get everything you need at your local Hobby Lobby, Michaels or JoAnn’s store. I can earn a small commission on affiliate links when a purchase is made which allows me to bring more projects like this to you but it add no additional cost to you.


Tip: by using three paint colors, you add depth and interest to your piece.


Begin by adding a small amount of paint to your damp paint brush; we’re going to make long, fluid strokes here going almost to the center of the ornament.

Working from the top of the ornament, touch the tip of your brush to just under the metal ring at the top of the ornament. With a soft, light touch, simply drag your brush down the ornament lifting slightly before you get to the stopping point. If you want to do a few practice strokes, the paint is easy to wash off if you do it right away, don’t let it set. On this step, I used gold metallic paint.

Continue making these brush strokes all the way around the ornament. DON’T try to make this step perfect, it is the background and base layer for more to come! Let the ornament sit until this layer is dry. I like to paint all my ornaments at once, so by the time I complete step 1, the first one I painted is dry and I can move on. You can do the same.

Tip: to keep the ornament from rolling around and smudging the paint, use plastic mouthwash cups or similar to rest the drying ornament on.

Next we’re going to add a slightly arched line. Don’t let this intimidate you, it is very easy. With a fine tipped brush, dip it into the paint color of your choice-I used silver and white for this step. I like to hold the hanging portion of the ornament for this step, it’s much easier to maneuver. Start just about where your previous brush stroke ends, touch the tip of your brush to the ornament creating a small dot or pool of paint. Then, drag your brush toward the hanger making an ever so slight curve. Repeat this process all the way around the ornament, starting at various distances from the first brush stroke layer and alternating the direction of your curve. Set aside to allow paint to dry before moving on to next step.

Repeat the same process with your third color choice, if using. Set aside to allow paint to dry.

To add one last detail and the finishing touch to your DIY Christmas ornament, you’re going to simply add tiny dots in various locations on the ornament in all three of the colors you used. Once you’ve completed that step, set aside to dry completely and you just created a masterpiece!

handpainted glass ornament

Now, I feel a bit silly for even explaining it because it’s so obvious (and EASY!) but for a fun addition to plain, clear icicles, simply spray paint either end (I chose to do the top) letting the spray paint lightly cover the middle of the icicle but fully covering the end you’re coating. And that’s it! You could embellish this even more with glitter but I opted for just gold.

I found a Paper Mache box (thank goodness for spell check, I always want to spell it papier Mache, I guess it seems French to me, go ahead and laugh, I’m laughing at my silly self too!), I added the hand painted ornaments, a few plain gold ornaments, filler and tissue paper to complete this adorable gift. I would be tickled to receive such a beautiful, handmade gift, wouldn’t you?

I hope you enjoyed this super easy DIY Christmas ornament project, hopefully you try making some for yourself!

Until next time,

Keep creating!

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