It’s so hard to pick just one!

So, on the final day of posting some of my favorite finds this week, I found it so difficult to narrow down all of my favorites! I chose this one because it’s one of the focal points of my living room and I love the transformation it went through to become what it is today…you guessed it, a new creation! 🙂

As you well know, I love taking pieces that have seen better days, giving them new life either by restoring or repurposing them into beautiful, usable pieces for the home. You’ll never guess what this is/was before I got a hold of it. I bought it from a friend who used it as a window seat for her dogs (which I think is a fabulous idea) but its original purpose….


Here’s the before picture:


I was in need of a unique television stand and was inspired by a piece that I saw on Pinterest (of course!)  posted by Dishfunctional Designs. I fell in love with everything about this piece and knew that I could recreate the look.

Inspiration Piece


Fish Tank After Photo

I adore the fact that I was able to use a found object, turning it into a totally different piece. I’ll be posting a full tutorial on how I achieved this look very soon so subscribe to my blog so you can be the first to see it, I don’t always post them on social media!

I’ll continue to share some of my favorite finds with you, and I hope you do the same! I’d love to see what new creation you create! Send me a message on Facebook or tag me in your design on Facebook or Instagram (@Life_Taylord), or send me an email, I just might feature your design on my blog or social media channels!

Until next time,

Keep Creating!





Therefore if any person is engrafted in Christ he is a new creation. 2 Corinthians 5:17 (AMP)

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    1. Thanks so much Mary! I appreciate it, it was so fun to create! I think I want to do another one just slightly different 🙂

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