Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is day we love to pamper our mom, mother-in-law, and grandmas possibly with breakfast in bed, brunch, her favorite dinner, a spa day, flowers, cards and for some moms, a day of silence and alone time! (I’ve got sisters who live in a household full of boys who I know would prefer the latter!) These ladies deserve all of this and more!

But why stop with just your moms and grandmas? Several years ago, I began a personal tradition of encouraging the women in my life by sending them a handwritten card for Mother’s Day just to tell them they are doing a great job and to keep on keeping on. I like to send these cards to my sisters, nieces, friends, and anyone who could use a word of encouragement. Heck, that’s ALL moms!!

I believe in building people up and being a source of encouragement. Often as moms, and women in general, we are our own worst critic. We often question the job we’re doing raising our kids and family, placing unnecessary guilt on ourselves when we don’t live up to unrealistic expectations placed on us by society – or our self. Being a parent truly is the hardest job on earth, when done right.

This is a simple way to tell all the hardworking, loving, adoring mothers in your life that you admire who they are and the job they do. They will be so touched that you took the time to do this but also for the heartfelt words of encouragement that will carry them through times when they need it most! Think about it, how does it make you feel when your husband or friend tells you that you look pretty? Or skinny 🙂 ? It lifts you up instantly, right? Well, so does spreading positivity with the women in your life that you treasure, what better time than Mother’s Day to tell them?

This year instead of buying note cards, which I typically do, I decided to create and print my own. I’m sharing them with you to help you send encouragement and love to some special ladies in your life for Mother’s Day this year!  

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These are meant to be printed on both sides, front/back of an 8.5 x 11 sheet of card stock. There are two cards per sheet. After printing the first page, test your printer for the process of re-inserting in order to print page two in the correct position. Every printer is different. After you’ve printed both sides, you’ll need to cut between the two cards which will be along the 8.5 inch side. This will leave you with two cards per sheet. Trim as needed.



Inside Top

Inside Bottom (blank note area)

Don’t hesitate to share this post, who knows, maybe your friends will print these and you’ll receive one from them!!

Until next time, keep creating!





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