Repurposed Warming Drawer

This is one of the most unique, repurposed pieces in my home, in my opinion. It is the warming drawer of an old wood burning cooking stove.

There’s an extremely creative, treasure seeking, junk collecting lady in my area that spends months and months collecting all sorts of items in which she repurposes into unique home décor pieces whether it be a furniture piece or a piece like this one. Lucky for me (and everyone in our area that is drawn to these types of items) she has a barn sale twice a year and sells some of the most unique items I’ve seen.

One summer afternoon at her sale, I spotted this warming drawer laying in the dirt and gravel of the driveway while being shadowed by a fellow admirer. I inconspicuously meandered around the woman looking at this piece while screaming on the inside, “walk away, it’s mine!” It’s as if I said those words out loud (I promise I didn’t speak them, the words remained in my head) because much to my anticipation, she did. I immediately removed the price tag and went to pay for it before someone else snatched it up. Silly, huh. This piece had probably been passed up by folks for years and years. Until now. Did I mention the price? Eeek! $10! (GASP!)

It now is the focal point of my family room bathroom which is decorated in a very rustic, masculine, outdoorsy style. I didn’t do a thing to it, other than give it a really thorough cleaning. I anchored two decorative brackets to the wall (it is pretty heavy!) and placed the warming drawer on top of them. No need for anything else; it’s a unique, one of a kind statement piece that really fits well in the space!

Hope you enjoyed seeing another of my favorite finds today!

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