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Dutch Apple Pie

Dutch Apple Pie

If you haven’t decided on a dessert for your holiday menu, you must try this Dutch Apple Pie! It will become a family favorite for all of your holiday festivities but good enough to make throughout the year – it’s even requested by my family members for birthdays in lieu of birthday cake! My nephew, Ashton, even wants one all his own every year for Christmas, it’s THAT good!

The recipe is an old one I found in a magazine years ago; I modified it slightly to my taste and needs.  Since I’m allergic to dairy products, I omit all dairy and substitute lactose free butter for regular butter and use coconut milk (not the canned kind) in place of the half & half. The coconut milk does not give an overpowering flavor of coconut as you might be thinking, in fact, you can’t even taste it plus it’s lower in calories than half & half. It’s a win win! For even fewer calories, I use coconut palm sugar in place of regular white refined sugar. Again, no coconut flavor but gives the same sweetness and texture of regular white sugar with much less calories. Also, I like to double the streusel topping recipe, because, lets face it, streusel topping makes everything better!

I hope you take the time to make this amazing pie, you might want to double (or triple) this recipe and make one to take to family dinner and one to keep for yourself! If you have enough self control and want to make this pie in advance, it freezes well. After adding the streusel topping, don’t bake for the second time. Cover with foil and wrap really well with plastic wrap. When you’re ready to bake, let thaw and remove all the wrapping and continue baking for 25-30 minutes.

Find the complete recipe here.

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Dutch Apple Pie

Dutch Apple Pie Recipe

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